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Here at ETO Doors, we’re well aware that our customers are what makes our business successful.

Thank you for your positive reviews and valuable feedback at Your feedback helps us maintain and innovate our quality product lines, custom door department and customer service. Our lines of quality doors, conscientious customer service as well as your word-of-mouth has helped grow ETO Doors to the largest door reseller in the country in only a little over 10 years.

Our commitment to you in the coming years is to become even better at what we do. We value your repeat business and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your purchases from us.

  • We’ll keep a special eye on making sure our inventory is the best value and quality
  • Our delivery service will always protect your doors so they arrive at your site in perfect condition
  • Our customer service representatives will make every effort to communicate in a timely and thorough fashion and to anticipate your door questions – after all, we are the experts!
  • Our showrooms will be staffed with friendly and knowledgable people, be full of value, innovation and surprises and be open at times that fit your schedule
  • We will continue to serve our customers and our community and make our next decade of business as successful as the first.

Thank you, ETO Customers!


The SpeakEasy Story

ETODOOR_035One of the most popular ETO Doors products is the Speakeasy window; it’s a beautiful combination of security and whimsy.

The speakeasy name is derived from the 1920s and 1930s Prohibition-era clubs that operated in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Because these bars served bootlegged or homemade alcohol, and frequently acted as a respite for organized crime families, they needed to be covert, entries guarded, and full of multiple escape routes in the event of a police bust. The term ‘speakeasy’ reflects the need for patrons to “speak easy” or quietly about the activities that happened at the venue to avoid attracting attention when in public. To assist with security, small, solid hinged openings were installed in the front doors of the speakeasies, these openings allowed those standing guard to view and approve potential patrons without having to open the actual door, buying the imbibers inside time to evacuate if the police arrived.

So while Prohibition is dead and gone, and you probably aren’t on the lookout forETODOOR_035 the law, the ETO Doors speakeasy option can be an interesting accompaniment to your new entryway. Speakeasy’s are great for the bars, restaurants, and homes that want privacy, individuality, and a little piece of history. Through the ETO Doors Custom Center, speakeasy’s can be made to your preferred dimensions and always include an interior iron locking system. For a vintage finish on your sophisticated peephole, we recommend that you include the optional exterior wrought-iron grill and oil-rubbed bronze clavos.

Depending upon size and wood selection (e.g. Brazilian Mahogany and Knotty Alder), your door can weigh between 100 and 300lbs; suffice to say that these doors are built to last, but probably not through a police bust, so keep it legal folks.

ETODOOR_035To see more speakeasy options, or other ETO Doors products, stumble your way to our website at or call 1-800-ETO DOORS to speak with a member of our sales team.  If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please stop by our showroom, located at 1340 E. 6th Street in Downtown LA.  We’re open M-F 8a-5p and Sundays 10a-2p.  A special thanks to Wikipedia for a history lesson on speakeasies.


ETO Doors Reviews

Of all the different places to purchase doors none exceeds that of ETO doors, the largest private door company in North America. From commercial steel doors to hand carved Mahogany doors, ETO leads the race in both interior and exterior doors.

ETO has a complete selection of doors and door hardware, and it is all under one roof. With energy prices rising, ETO can help you plan out an energy saving strategy for your home or office. From specialized interior doors with many variations on glass and designs to the heavy rustic arched doors, we can help you with your design needs.

To keep up with the thousands of requests to see the doors, ETO has put it’s entire door line on the web at its site, There you can look at the many beautiful wood doors, special interior doors and even the complete line of garage doors. With all the demands for Aluminum doors, ETO has posted a complete set of Aluminum doors to review. From a wide design look to a narrow stile shape, ETO is cutting edge in the world of doors. This makes shopping that much easier, with sizes and prices listed, the  homeowner or contractor can plan their job easier and more complete.

Garages too are very well represented on the site, you can see all the different wood garage doors, with their muiltiple windows and catchy designs or the beautiful Aluminum frosted garage doors with their sleek design and sharp lines. We even have a beautiful high tech garage door  with a small entrance door built right into it. Some clients even use these garage doors as partitions in offices. We also now carry a full line of custom steel rollup doors to screen vinyl doors.

There is the custom program offered by ETO doors that no other competitive firms can be able to boast of. The program ensures that the interested are able to sketch out their preferences then submit them for actual framework. We make the door you want and the door you design.

Better yet, the site provides for clients to be able to act as partners in the greater course intended by the ETO doors. The interested only has to acquire the badge provided by the ETO doors domain then place it within their respective blogs. Through partnering we build the social playground for designers and homeowners to share their discoveries and decision making processes.  We offer the best doors at the best prices found anywhere, why not share the good news to others. The interested only has to visit the blog and make their ideal purchases from the most popular and most dependable door company in the world, we will do the rest.